Here you can find our contact information, read some information on our company, and view images of past jobs as a demonstration of our skills.


Service Area

We cover the majority of alberta and central/southern saskatchewan using our 3 trucks and MuvAll (move all) trailer, as well as a counter weight for particularily heavy jobs, such as air seeders and cultivators.

Safety information

We at Perogy Trucking take safety VERY seriously, we're farmers too and understand the concerns you may come to us with. We do engine maintenance and oil changes every week and get a safety inspection on each truck and trailer annually. The axels get greased, fluids topped up, airlines checked, and tire pressure monitored by our in-house team, all to ensure a smooth drive and safe operations. We have 10 years Agriculture Hauling experience in all areas.

Here at Perogy Trucking, we strongly support Alberta beef and our oilsands.